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Handmade Vietnamese silk kimono robes* (081)

081 Handmade Vietnamese silk kimono robes*

Do not miss this garment!!! Handcrafted by small cooperatives in villages of North Vietnam.

The garment is double are in actual fact getting 2 garments for the price of one! The embroidery is done by basic machinery and it gives the robe a special touch. It takes a longtime for one of these items to be made but the result is fantastic.

the workers have been paid a fair wage for their craft promoting a substainable living for the villages in the area

Size XXXXL     : measurements are 142 cm long and 150 cm wide

Thank you for visiting our shop!!!

*The Vietnamese term for the kimono silk is "pure shiny silk" wich in the West translates in natural silk mix with high quality viscose silk to increase the strength of the fabric  



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